Sunday, 22/4/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • Zeal for Your House
    Zeal for Your House

    When the Jewish Passover drew near, Jesus went to Jerusalem. When He went to the temple, He found people selling oxen, sheep and doves, and moneychangers. Jesus had made a whip of cords, so He cast them all out of the temple, even the oxen and the sheep; the money changers’ money scattered all over…

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  • Crisis of faith
    Crisis of faith

    What has caused so many people to become discouraged in the faith? Which spirit has guided Christians to leave the Church? Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth. John 16.13 Is the Holy Spirit responsible for guiding so many Christians out of the Church? Is He responsible for so many…

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  • See More…
    See More…

    Join us at the Universal Church in Dublin, Cork or Belfast, this Special Service where we will be seeking the Spirit of God for a great change to happen inside of you like on this testimonies bellow:

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  • Here and now, or later?
    Here and now, or later?

    We live in the age of the here and now. Everything has to be done immediately, like people often say: time is money. Nobody knows how to wait anymore, and the race for time not to stop you from doing everything continues, as well as the stress that sets in quickly and ruins every relationship.…

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  • Tips

    We live in a reality where we’re constantly bombarded by various voices, at times, simultaneously. Artists, characters, family, friends, strangers etc. Everyone always has something to tell us or a thought to share. The problem is that most of these words and opinions don’t meet our needs nor do they lead us in the right…

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  • Barren women have more children
    Barren women have more children

    Sing, O barren, you who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, you who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman,” says the LORD. Isaiah 54.1 How can a woman who does not have children sing with joy? This…

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  • The Spirit of God
    The Spirit of God

    It is part of human nature to often take things as a joke. Even when faced with the most difficult situation, there is always someone who will make a joke about it. Not even death escapes this mocking spirit. However, for those who know the Word of God, there is no way of not respecting…

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  • Like headless chickens
    Like headless chickens

    Biblically, there was not one servant of God who obeyed without faith or who manifested his faith without obedience. In those times, as in the present, the disobedient are empty of the Spirit of God. They have faith in certain situations, but not for obeying. Disobeying believers, like rebellious unbelievers, do not consider God’s judgment.…

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