7 Fridays of Spiritual Cleansing

Keeping both ourselves and our environment clean is essential to prevent illness and make our home pleasant to live in. In many cultures, spring cleaning is a tradition that still lives. It is the practice of deep cleaning the home and throwing away possessions that are no longer useful; usually done during springtime.

Taking care of our personal hygiene isn’t only a method of self-care which promotes comfort and confidence but it’s essential for good health. Going an extended period of time without showering for example, can cause a build-up of dead skin and germs, which can lead to further issues such as infections or bad odour.

However, it’s not only our physical bodies and homes that require a deep cleaning from time to time. Family problems, debts, stress and feelings of sadness can all also leave your life feeling messy. Just like with our bodies, neglecting the necessity to clean out our minds and heart from the contaminants that problems bring can lead to serious consequences.

The build-up of bitterness, frustration and anxiety in the heart can leave you feeling heavy and make it harder to hear the voice of God which brings certainty and joy. That’s why on Friday 14 April we will be embarking on a seven-week journey to a life of peace and order from the inside out.

Based on Ezekiel 36:25 where God promised to cleanse us from all our filthiness, we are commencing a new chain of prayer: The 7 Fridays of Spiritual Cleansing.

You will receive prayers of deliverance and valuable lessons on how to tackle the problems you are experiencing. Every week you will be given a word of faith which will not only thoroughly cleanse you, but will also teach you how to maintain your new clean life.

If you are in need of a deep cleansing from the inside out, join us in one of our services where you will be invited to challenge your problems and overcome them through your faith.

Event: 7 Fridays of Spiritual Cleansing
Date and Time: Friday 14 April – Friday 26 May at 7:30pm (also at 7am, 10am & 3pm)
Location: At your local Universal Church

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