A Divine Tool


A crisis of faith happens when you stop exercising it. When you do not stimulate your body, the muscles become flaccid, and the body deteriorates faster. The same happens with faith. Without stimuli, it becomes complacent, and its practice is relegated to religiosity.

God has allowed us to experience problems precisely so that our faith does not become an instrument of tradition. In the past, the Holy Spirit warned His servants about this.

It is a fact that we complain to God when we endure trials. Whether it is with our family, love life or even our health… We do not understand and refuse to understand how God is trying to lead us to stimulate our faith. It seems like everything goes wrong and we are swimming against the current.

God’s guidance is very clear when it points out situations wherethe continuous action of faith is the only thing that can guarantee us eternal salvation.

It is only by faith, and from faith to faith, that we can advance in the conquest and establishment of the long-awaited salvation.

Our adversary does not rest or become discouraged, in trying to remove the most glorious gift given by God: faith. This is why he sets traps, promotes problems, and creates difficult situations to divert our focus away from faith. And when he succeeds, the person’s faith becomes discouraged, and consequently, he will fall.

God allows all of this to happen. Why is this? Precisely to force us to use our faith!

As a Divine tool, it has the power to neutralize any and every inflamed dart of evil.

But we must use it constantly, every day until we die!


Bishop Edir Macedo
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