The 12 Saturdays of Open Doors

Have you ever been locked in a room by mistake, or stuck in an elevator? In a desperate attempt to get out, not being able to alert anyone of your situation and the impossibility of remaining calm while your emotions fight with your reasoning, all you can think about is finding an opening through which to escape.

While most of these situations end without any major problems, there are people in the world who find themselves stuck and in dire need of an open door, which would lead to the resolution of their problems.

No matter how hard they knock, the doors seem to remain locked. Some have even given up all hope of getting a positive answer, convinced that it’s impossible to get what they want.

‘What is impossible with men is possible with God.’ (Luke 18:27)

Starting on the 8 June, we will have the 12 Saturdays of Open Doors. We will call upon God to fulfil His promise in our lives so that whatever is impossible to achieve will be made possible through His power.

Which door(s) do you need opened in your life?

The meeting will take place at a time perceived to be difficult for most people — Saturday at 7am, but your sacrifice and effort will be a demonstration that you believe He is the God of the impossible.

When you’ve lost all hope of obtaining victory by yourself, your fight could become God’s fight.

Event: The 12 Saturdays of Open Doors
Date: 15 June – 20 July
Time: 7am
Location: 1st Floor, 157 Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7 (more addresses on the button below)

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