A walk against elder abuse…

The Caleb Group, which is a group formed by the elders and volunteers of the Universal of Kingdom of God, promoted a Walk Against Elderly Abuse  last Sunday.  Flyers were distributed with a message that brings to people the conscience and awareness about Elderly Abuse and how to fight back and help the senior citizens in your area. […]

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Godllywood Self-help meeting

We live in a society where information is all around us, with a variety of news and media outlets all fighting for our attention. With all this access, how can you be sure that you’re plugging in to the right source? Our Godllywood self-help meeting aims to help you connect and reconnect with God. Come

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Calling all Couples!

All things that are valuable need constant care and maintenance, and it’s no different when it comes to your love life. To make a marriage work, both partners need to be willing to sacrifice their own ways, their opinions, their stubbornness and so much more. Do you feel less interested in your partner? Are you

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An Appointment with the King

Palm Sunday is an important event for Christians, as it celebrates the day when the Lord Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly and was welcomed by a multitude of Israelites carrying palm branches in their hands. Inspired by this act, it became a tradition for people to go out on this date carrying palm branches. However, unfortunately,

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The 21 Days Fast of Daniel

Have you ever taken your phone out, just to kill a couple of minutes and ended up wasting hours mindlessly scrolling through social media? Have you ever said to yourself ‘just one more episode’ and ended up binge-watching a season of your newest show? The same technology that allows us to be connected to anyone

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Marriage also needs Maintenance

Maintenance: the process of preserving a condition or situation or state or being preserved Your car needs it. Your devices needs it. Your home needs it. Maintenance is a KEY factor in making sure that anything, and everything including your body runs in tip top shape. Everything that you stop taking care of will eventually slow down, have trouble functioning normally, break and eventually

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