The great distribution of the blessed-oil

The bottle distributed will contain a small amount of the Blessed Oil mixed with Olive oil.

Anointing with oil has been used for thousands of years. This simple action of faith — Anointing with the Blessed Oil — can be used to awaken one’s faith. It can be seen as a point of contact between you and God.
You can use it by determining that there will be prosperity, good health, protection, deliverance, unity in your family or marriage, justice, and whatever else you need God to do in your life. Extraordinary things can happen if you would only believe. The miracles of the Bible don’t just have to be a thing of the past. God’s greatness can be visible in your life and what is written must happen today.
You will only be able to receive the blessed oil on this day of the year, so don’t miss out. Also, you can invite those who would like to receive the blessed oil and get them to reserve their bottle of oil.
Day and Time: Sunday 30th January at 10am (also at 8am)
LocationYour local UCKG branch

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