Chain of Prayer for a Total Transformation

The Oxford dictionary definition of ‘transformation’ is “a complete change in someone or something.”

This means that the aftermath of that person or thing is unrecognisable compared to how they were, or how it was before.

This can happen in your love life. If the current state of it is disastrous – an area that you are even afraid to tread – this can change. In fact, it can be transformed, so much so that you won’t recognise it, in a good way.

If your love life currently makes you shed tears of sorrow, it can become an area that makes you cry tears of joy. If all you know is loneliness, then you can soon know the feeling of companionship. If your love life spells fights and arguments, it can become a breeding ground for peace and tranquillity. Transformation is possible!

This is what will be determined this Thursday at the Love Therapy seminar, as we begin the Chain of Prayer for a Total Transformation. The Author of Love doesn’t do things in halves, so come ready to receive His complete work in you. But ensure that you do your part by being committed to this Chain of Prayer, and you will see the fruit of your sacrifice.

Soon, you won’t recognise your love life.

Event: Chain of Prayer for a Total Transformation at the Love Therapy
Day and Time: Thursday, 12 August at 7:30pm
Location: 1st Floor, 157 Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7
More info: Call or WhatsApp our 24-hour Helpline on 086 154 5567

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