Christmas Day Service • 11am

In December, the cities radiate with Christmas lights scattered everywhere. It is also a time when we see more people on the streets, in that frantic movement looking for gifts and decoration items.

In stores and restaurants, the music brings that nostalgic feeling that another year is ending. The date breathes celebration. Unfortunately, not for everyone.

For many, Christmas is not a time of celebration as it brings up bad memories such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, divorce, and moments marked by fights and conflicts. The opposite of what is promoted at Christmas.

What would be moments of joy, are often marked by the pain of loneliness, and longing for those we love who are very far – like struggling immigrants far from their homeland in search of a better future.

How can we not mention those who are already of age, living in nursing homes where they often lack the affection and attention of their family?

What if you allowed yourself to have a different Christmas?

Don’t be lonely this Christmas!

We invite you to join us on Christmas Day, at 11 am, for an empowerment meeting that could change your life! Give yourself this opportunity!

For more information call/text: 086 154 5567


18 thoughts on “Christmas Day Service • 11am”

  1. Looking forward for this day! I will be there with all my family.
    For the last few years we always come to the Christmas Service, it blesses our life, our family and then, after we go home and enjoy our family time.
    Thank you so much Universal Church for all your support and help.
    May God bless His work in this country more and more.

  2. Looking forward to the Christmas service. Going to make sure I will be there with my family!
    I go every year and it’s great to give those first hours of the day to God.
    If your reading this don’t be alone this Christmas and come along

  3. Thanks for the invitation, my family and I will be there. It’s always great to spend Christmas and the New Year seeking God and being together with good people, who treat you well and receive you lovingly, which are the people of the church.

  4. I can’t wait for this one special day, me and my family will be present for sure !!
    Here in cork city , 1 st floor 35 North Main Street .
    At 11am .

  5. Tshegofatso Sheehan

    I have been attending the Christmas Day Services for years, and looking at the way the world is going nowadays I wouldn’t miss this one for anything. My family and I will definitely be there❤️

  6. I will definitely be there to receive more of the Holy Spirit and to also bring with me someone who could possibly be celebrating this festive season alone they can also be blessed!

  7. Khwezi Maryam Madikizela

    A day that I wouldn’t want to miss, no better way than to spend it in the House of God. I will be there definitely.

  8. Cecília Blandina

    Not going to miss this special blessing. I always leave revived and different. I will be there for sure, can’t miss it for anything❣

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