Faith and Peace

Doubt makes us lose sleep, destroys the innermost part of the human being and makes the soul restless. Without peace, there is no satisfaction, even with the best food, company, leisure or job.

Every day, during the time we are awake, we will have to choose between faith and doubt; between looking at people and the facts of life from God’s perspective or from the human perspective. We have to decide to live in Spirit or in flesh. There is no third option.

Whoever falters in their confidence in the Most High, opens a door for doubt. From then on, a person fights an inner battle between the assurance of the fulfilment of God’s divine promises and incredulity.

It is worth remembering that emotions, such as fear, anxiety and worry also neutralises faith and robs us of our peace just as doubt does. Faith however, contrary to doubt, assures us of peace, the balance and safety of our soul.

This happens when we are in the faith, or in Spirit, or vice versa. In this case, there isn’t the slightest chance for fear, stress, torment or misgivings.

Therefore, I affirm that faith and peace go together. What provides this harmony and strength is the practice of the word of God.

Whoever leans their mind on divine precepts overcomes everything. For them, there is no bad luck, envy, evil threats or reproach. For this reason, the Almighty encourages us to live from faith to faith. After all, in the absence of this extraordinary power within us, doubts will prevail. On the other hand, when we practise our faith daily, God allows us to enjoy peace and no barrier will cause us to stumble. As it is written:

“Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble.” Psalms 119.165

 Bishop Edir Macedo

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