From a Wound to a Scar

Open wounds can be very painful especially if they’re not treated as they can become infected. To avoid this from happening we quickly find a solution to make sure the wound heals as fast as possible to prevent further complications.

Wounds eventually turn into scars, which then serve as memories, “I fell from a tree”, “I fell over and hurt myself when I was young”, “It was an accident, I wasn’t paying attention”.

Throughout our lives, we will experience good times and bad times, and those bad experience often leave open wounds that never fully heal, we refer to them as internal wounds.

Do you have unresolved trauma that you would like to move on from but don’t know how? The heartbreak of someone being unfaithful to you, an unresolved family problem, abusive relationship, or your just tired of what feels like constant disappointments?

Wounds in a person’s soul can leave anyone feeling deeply afflicted, broken and discouraged to move forward in life.

If you have:

  • Traumas
  • Things you’ve been carrying from your infancy till now, that are causing you pain.
  • Abuse
  • Heartbreak
  • Depression
  • Betrayal

Find a cure for this pain in the soul, body and spirit.

If the above resonates with you then this event is exactly what you need ‘From a Wound to 

a Scar’ event on Sunday, 21st of May at your local Universal Church.


What to expect?

The purpose of this event is to help you with your inner healing, it’s easy to take 

care of an external wound but when the wound is from within how can one receive the

healing of their soul? The Bible says:

“For I will restore health to you and heal you of your wounds,” says the Lord. (Jeremiah 30.17)

If you’re tired of holding onto your past and want to let go, start by attending ‘From a Wound to a 

Scar’ Event, take that first step towards your inner healing.

On the day you will receive:

  • Empowering prayers and assistance to overcome your past.
  • Inspiring testimonies that will demonstrate how change is possible.
  • Guidance from the Word of God that will encourage afresh start.
“I grew up with the trauma of witnessing my mum being abused by my dad. My lifestyle of parties, alcohol and smoking was like a drug to numb the deep sadness I felt. I attempted to take my life eight times! Things got worse when I suddenly found myself in my mum’s shoes: my then-boyfriend started treating me horribly. One day I was alone with him and he raped me in my bedroom. I was crying, but he told me, ‘You are my girlfriend, so this is not rape. Your body belongs to me.’ When he tried to throw me out of a 20-storey building, I understood that I had to get out and change my life.
At the Universal Church, I found hope. I was told that I didn’t have to accept those problems and that I could overcome them. I decided to report my abuser to the police and was sure that, through faith, I could find inner healing. I drew strength from the prayers and step by step, I started seeing myself differently. From a traumatised woman, today I’m the youngest mental health expert representative in the NHS for black and minority ethnic communities in the UK. I never imagined that my past wounds would be something I use to bring hope to others.”

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