Good Friday

Good Friday is a significant date for Christians, as it recollects the judgment, passion, crucifixion, death and burial of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On that day, the Bible says that the earth shook, the rocks were split, the tombs were opened and the dead were raised (Matthew 27:51-53). The impossible became possible.

This shows that the sacrifice made by Him on the cross gives us the right – through faith – to a life of quality, peace and harmony. On the cross, the Lord Jesus was not defeated, on the contrary, He defeated the devil and all hell, freeing the souls of those who accept Him from anguish and pain.

On Good Friday, Jesus was tried by the Jewish religious leaders and convicted of blasphemy, having been taken outside the city and crucified on Mount Golgotha, along with two thieves.

Jesus’ death on the cross was the greatest proof of God’s love for all of us, for He sent His only Son to die in our place, and now all who believe in Him can receive God’s forgiveness and salvation!

Make this Friday good by attending the Good Friday special meeting that will take place at your local Universal Church, where you will receive prayers and direction on more about who He was, who He is and what He had done for us today.

Claim the benefits of the cross in your life!

Event: Good Friday
Date and Time: Friday, 7 April at 3pm (also at 7am, 10am & 7.30pm)
Location: Taking place at your local Universal Church

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