Hurdles and Sin


When man surrenders his life to the Lord Jesus, he begins the greatest race in his existence, which lasts until his last breath. This race is meant to test his faith so he can win the ultimate prize: Salvation. The battle is difficult and long; it requires patience, resistance and perseverance to finish what was started.

To encourage us, the Holy Spirit lists a “great cloud” of witnesses of faith, this is, of winners, who have walked this path and achieved their goal in this race (Hebrews 11.1-40). Also, they firmly testified their allegiance to the Most High throughout their lives. We can add to this cloud of examples many others who, throughout Christian history, have also fought to overcome difficulties and remain confident and loyal to the Lord.

During this spiritual race, it is fundamental to remove all the hurdles encountered along this journey of faith. After all, no one can complete “a race” while carrying extra weight, because, besides getting tired quickly, there is also the risk of stumbling and falling. Therefore, there is an urge to remove hurdles and sin, because both have devastating effects on the communion with God.

Removing the hurdles means removing the anxieties that come with the projects we make for ourselves in this world. Marriage, career and other things weigh us down in the race for the conquest of eternal salvation. How many started well in this race but, due to problems in their love life, ended up turning away from the Greatest Prize?

Spiritual life requires progress and should be established with disposition and without wasting time (Mt 7.24-25), so that at the end of humanity’s existence the goal can be achieved: receive the reward of being approved by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Text from the ACF Bible with my comments – Hebrews 12.11

Bishop Edir Macedo
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