Rebuilding Yourself

“This year I will be a better employee”, “This year I will lose weight and maintain a healthy diet”, and “This year I will achieve the job of my dreams”. With a new year ahead of us comes new hope, plans, and the enthusiasm to achieve them.

The majority are hopeful that this year will be what they intend it to be. However, the secret to success starts from within, that is having the courage to face your fears, doubts, and insecurities and really work on them to become the person you long to be.

The Love Therapy seminar will help you focus on the success of rebuilding yourself! There is no greater success than the one that comes from within.

If you are confident and healed from past hurt/traumas this will assist you in finding intelligent love the right way.

That’s why we invite you to participate in the Love Therapy seminar every Thursday at 7.30pm. We will start a seven month project focusing on rebuilding yourself and your love life.

This plan will be presented to God (the Author of Love) in prayer. We are sure that He will equip you with the strength to achieve these goals for 2023.

Take this opportunity to rebuild yourself and become a better partner and an invaluable singleton.

Event: Rebuilding Myself – Love Therapy Seminar
Date and Time: Thursday at 7:30pm
Location: 157 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7, D07 YN73

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