Sunday of Restoration

2020 was not an easy year for many, but God has the power to transform lives.

Last year was an unprecedented moment in human history. The losses are evident: unemployment, death, depression, and relationship break-ups, among other problems.

Maybe you are in this situation. Perhaps you have lost your company, your marriage or a family member. Despite the pain you feel, we would like you to know something important: regardless of what has happened in your life during the past year (or over the last few years), God has the power to transform everything. It is written in the Bible: “So I will restore to you the years…” (Joel 2:25).

Sunday of Restoration

That is why on Sunday, 10 January, we will have the ‘Sunday of Restoration’ meeting online via Facebook and YouTube.

The Word of God promises that what has been lost will be restored. We can see many examples of this in the Scriptures. One of the most famous instances is the story of Job: everything he had lost was restored twice over.

In 2020, many had something that was taken from them. Countless people have lost their jobs and are starting 2021 worse off than they were in 2020. However, if we have faith, we can find the restoration we need for all areas of our lives in God.

So, if you have lost something and you have faith that it can be restored back to you, write it down on a piece of paper and bring it to your local Universal Church this Sunday after the online service.

Meeting: Sunday of Restoration
Broadcast: Sunday at 10am 

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