Faith in Action

Those who expect to receive a miracle as if God were a magician will never see it happen. Miracles do not depend solely on the action of the Spirit of God, but on a partnership with those who believe in Him and take action. Since the creation of man, God never did a miracle on …

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Emotional faith vs. Rational faith

Emotional faith feels, rational faith thinks; Emotional faith sees and attests to circumstances, rational faith believes in what is written; Emotional faith, upon hearing the sound of the drums of war, trembles and fears. Upon hearing the war cry, rational faith sees, by faith, the Lord of hosts taking action; Emotional faith makes decisions with …

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A Divine Tool

A crisis of faith happens when you stop exercising it. When you do not stimulate your body, the muscles become flaccid, and the body deteriorates faster. The same happens with faith. Without stimuli, it becomes complacent, and its practice is relegated to religiosity. God has allowed us to experience problems precisely so that our faith …

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