The blood of faith boils

What else can we teach about Abraham that hasn’t already been taught?

However, there is something that few have learned from the many examples of faith in the life of this hero: he has become a reference of the Living God on Earth.

When we talk to people about God, many things remain unclear. After all, humanity has made their own gods for themselves.

Usually, in sports, foolish people worship their idols. In the music world, foolish people worship singers. This is, in each segment of success there is always a god to be worshiped because of a popular passion.

Each idolater has his or her own god.

How can you separate the One True Lord God from the others?

And, how can you tell the difference between a child of God and an idolater?

The word “God” means One that is worshiped.

The adoration of your child constitutes as idolatry. The adoration of any human, animal, or thing constitutes as idolatry.

For this reason, believing in God does not mean much or practically anything.

The Abrahamic belief changed the meaning of believing in God. His relationship with the Invisible God teaches us this.

By invoking the God of Abraham, we are defining our faith, in an intelligent way, to the Lord who revealed Himself to Abraham, made promises to him, and fulfilled them to the smallest detail.

Among all religions, which other god did the same with his followers?

Does anyone know another god who has fulfilled his promises like the God of Abraham did?

Only He honored and continues to honor Abraham and his children in the faith.

Abraham was beyond a blessing. He was, is and always will be a reference of God in Earth.

When, in the name of the Lord Jesus, I pray and direct my thoughts to the God of Abraham, my faith awakens.

When I pronounce the God of Isaac, my faith increases. When I am fully concentrated on the God of Israel, the blood of my faith boils, and I forget that I’m in the world.

When I use my faith in the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Israel, it’s as if I climb the ladder of faith and reach the Throne of the Most High.

Try this for yourself.

When challenging the prophets of Baal, the prophet Elijah knew his life was at stake. If his prayer did not have an immediate answer, he would be killed. Then he prayed:

“Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, let it be known this day that You are God in Israel and I am Your servant, and that I have done all these things at Your word,”1 Kings 18.36

His prayer did not last 20 seconds, and the fire came down.

The glorious manifestation of the One and Eternal God, Unknown among nations, began with Abraham.

Abraham teaches that there is no limit to what can be conquered by faith;

That we should not measure efforts to practice intelligent faith;

That unconditional obedience to the Voice of God was his cross from the beginning of his walk with the Most High

With him, we learn that the size of faith is measured by the degree of sacrifice.

With him, we learn to live by faith.

With him, we learn to separate faith from emotion, the feelings of the heart.

With him, we learn to sacrifice.

With him, we find the existence of the Eternal Creator God.


Bishop Edir Macedo
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