The cause of depression


The same way that faith brings life, doubt brings death.

While faith stimulates dreams, hopes and raises self-esteem, doubt poisons dreams, hopes and promotes depression.

I doubt there is a drug that can cure depression, just like I doubt that anyone with an active faith in the Word of God can be depressed.

From a spiritual point of view, depression is nothing more than a permanent state of doubt.

I have very limited knowledge about conventional medicine, but I understand a little about spiritual medicine.

Depression is a spiritual problem.

What medical drug can cure a spiritual illness?

How many people commit suicide after an episode of depression?

And what have Freudian philosophies done to reverse such incidents? Nothing.

Why is this?

Because, when the problem has a spiritual origin, its solution is also spiritual.

And when dealing with a spiritual problem, there is no way to avoid appealing to the faith.

Usually, when we speak of faith, the incautious will automatically link it with the practice of religion. This is where they’re wrong!

Biblical faith has absolutely nothing to do with any religion or anything of the sort.

The Bible discards all and every religion.

In biblical faith, you find Spirit and Life. Spirit and Life that flow from the Source of Life.

Humans are a trinity: body, soul, and spirit.

Just as the body needs physical care and the soul needs love, the human spirit can only be nourished by the Spirit of the Word of God – the Holy Bible.

As long as the human spirit is not nourished, the person feels A VOID INSIDE THEIR CHEST.

This has nothing to do with religion or being religious. This has to do with the Spirit of Life.

Do you want proof of this?

Read any book. Whether it is philosophy, self-help, romance or whatever else that may be at your disposal. Then, do a self-analysis. Check if anything has changed inside you.

I am absolutely sure nothing will have changed. On the contrary, your mind became even more confused. You will easily realize this yourself.

Now, let’s do another experiment. Read the Book of Life: The Holy Bible.

Read Genesis, the origin of Good and Evil. Meditate on each sentence. Then, read Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, the Gospel of Luke…

I doubt that, at the end of any one of these books, you will continue to be the same person you were. Do you know why?

Because the Spirit of the Word of God will touch you.

Be enlightened in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!


Bishop Edir Macedo
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