The Love Bandage

One of the most important aspects of our life is love. That’s why we dedicate every Thursday to help people with their relationships, as well as their self-development. The Love Therapy meetings are a great learning tool for those who are single or in a relationship. We offer guidance and support to ensure that you are seeing positive changes in your love life.

Love life can be damaged by many things, from being cheated on, to not finding the one. Many of us are hurt, whilst others carry baggage without even realising. This can either become a hindrance for us in our love lives, or we may completely give up on love. Either way it’s important to remember that with the right tools and guidance we can get through a multitude of hurt.

That’s why every Thursday until the end of 2021 at the Love Therapy meeting ‘The Love Bandage’ purpose will take place. You will receive a heart-shaped bandage every week on which you can write your name. The aim of this purpose is for it to work as special treatment for your heart. The bandage will be anointed with balm, grape juice and holy oil – the elements used in the Bible to treat wounds. Your heart may have faced disappointment after disappointment and, just as a bandage is used to cover a wound, these three elements will be symbols of healing for your heart.

No matter what, you must work on your love life in order to see positive results and we will help you along the way. There are 4 Thursdays left of the year and the Love Therapy meetings are an hour and a half long, that is 6 hours dedicated to improving your love life, less than a day! Invest in the healing of your heart, in order for you to flourish.

For more information you can call or WhatsApp us on 086 154 5567.

Event: Love Therapy Seminar
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 7:30pm
Location: 157 Phibsboro Road, Dublin 7

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