Weakness and failure


Why do many people carry the stigma of failure?

First, because they lack the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Faith, of the Power of God. When people do not have the Spirit of God, it is normal for them to complain, whine, and somehow seek compassion from others. They act like a child when he falls. If there is no one around, he gets up and continues to play. But if there is an adult around, he immediately begins to cry, yearning for pity or comfort. We can understand because children are immature.

However, it seems like most adults still behave this way. No matter the problem, big or small, the first thing they do is find someone to listen to them so they can receive some sort of comfort or kindness. However, this does not solve the problem.

Intelligent faith treats this with contempt. To reap the benefits of biblical faith, you cannot pay attention to the feelings of the heart.

When the Lord Jesus arrived to revive a child, first He put everyone out of the room, because relatives, neighbors, and family friends were crying (Luke 8.54).

Biblical faith is rational, intelligent, and supernatural. It has nothing to do with what you feel, but with what is written. This rough kind of faith is what resolves problems.

A weak person’s problem is not that they are weak, but that they surrender to weaknesses and indulge in the feelings or emotions of the heart. The weak do not think, and when they do, it’s to think about the words of other weak people. If they reasoned and checked what the Almighty has spoken in the Bible, surely the weak would think how God thinks and react against their weaknesses.

The weak want to feel something instead of thinking. This weakens him even more, because the human heart (a source of feelings) is extremely corrupt and deceptive. Whoever follows their heart will end up failing.

The same is not true of those who obey the Word of God. Those who use it think, evaluate, and then conclude that, by their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, they have to be more than winners.

Faith does not feel, it does not cry and does not seek kindness, pity, sympathy, or compassion from others. Instead, he depends on the mercy of the Most High and revolts, acts, takes courage against what has weakened him.

Whoever uses biblical faith eliminates the fear of losing. And without the fear of losing, he charges against the problem with all his strength, with the conviction of the fulfillment of the Word of God, because he knows that the Holy Spirit is with him.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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