Action or Prayer?


Recognizing when is the right moment to pray or take action is fundamental in conquering the benefits of faith. Often, we turn to prayer when we should be taking action. Others times, we act when we should be praying. For this reason, opportunities are lost, and defeats are obtained.

The example of Moses serves as a lesson. When he left Egypt, he arrived at the Red Sea, leading three million people, including elderly, pregnant women, children, newborns, animals, and all of their belongings. Behind them, under the command of Pharaoh himself, came the furious Egyptian army. Moses did not have weapons or an army to defend himself. The difficulty to get around did not allow him to escape. Technically, there was no way out.

Often, we come across a similar situation. What should we do? The gravity of that moment was so severe that Moses didn’t even pray. He cried out.

God answered: “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. (Exodus 14.15-16)

God has provided His people with the staff of faith. Such a tool requires action.

Faith is action! When there is absolute an conviction, there is faith.

And, when there is faith, why pray or cry out when you know what should be done?


Bishop Edir Macedo
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