Why worry?


One of the greatest mortal sins is to worry too much about other people’s opinions. Those who occupy their thoughts with such things are wasting precious time. Instead, they could be attentive, trying to listen to ideas and inspirations from above and be useful to the Most High.

You cannot wait around, expecting the seal of the Holy Spirit to impose His sweet Voice among a whirlwind of so many others. Especially when the person’s mind is concerned with the opinion of others.

Evil works like this: it inspires its loose-lipped subjects to criticize and point the finger; this is, to put down those who are struggling to survive, by faith.

But it is up to those of faith to take care of themselves and keep their spiritual ears open to receive direction from the Spirit. Because, just like He led His Son and the disciples, He wants to flow in you and through you!

He finds pleasure in doing this, but He depends on your attention.

As long as He is disregarded, nothing can be done for those who complain about everything.

My friends, be wise. The Spirit of God wants to lead you back to the Garden of Eden. Do not ignore this vision or allow your neurons to be burned by the heat of the fury of those who are already burning.

Be blessed!
Bishop Edir Macedo
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