Become a better version of youself!

Everyone desires to become a better version of themselves, however to reach your full potential isn’t always plain sailing.

That’s why we hold our bi-monthly Godllywoood Self-Help meetings where all the ladies are invited to attend, listen and learn how to become a better version of themselves.

Held by Mrs. Tania Gomes (who oversees the Godlywood Project in Ireland) this meeting addresses topics such as insecurities, self-love, and much more.

Last meeting, we addressed the root of neediness and how to put an end to it, many left the meeting empowered to change and take on the lessons learnt, one of them being the following:

When you have a true relationship with God, this will eliminate all insecurities from within.

Did you attend the last meeting how was it for you? Or maybe you didn’t get the opportunity to attend, save the date Saturday 3 June at 3pm, don’t miss this one.

Event: Godllywood Self-Help Meeting
Date and Time: Saturday, 10 June at 3pm
Location: 157 Phibsborough Road, Dublin 7

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