Night Vigil of the Holy Spirit

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is the most important promise the Lord Jesus made to mankind. However, for us to receive Him, there must be sincere and unconditional surrender.

But unfortunately, many are ignoring the Holy Spirit, which is why they haven’t received Him. Why would someone want to live with you if you ignore them? If you don’t talk to the Holy Spirit, surrender your anxieties to Him, or consult Him about your plans, how can He live with you? It’s impossible to live with someone who doesn’t want to be with you!

On the other hand, when someone chooses to please the Holy Spirit and surrender unconditionally to Him, He will certainly come and make His home within that person.

“O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water.” (Psalm 63:1).

That’s why on Friday, 2nd June at 11pm till dawn we are going to invite the Holy Spirit to come upon our lives and if you believe and you recognise that you need to be renewed? Then this Night Vigil is for you! It will be a night of renewal, empowerment and transformation.

Event: Night Vigil of the Holy Spirit
Date and Time: 2nd June – 11pm
Location: At your local Universal Church

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