Caleb Group 10 Years Anniversary

On the 23rd of October the Caleb Group celebrated their 10 years of anniversary.

With over 350 million people world wide affected by depression, senior citizens are among the age group most affected both by depression and loneliness. The Caleb group have this mission of helping senior citizens overcome this negative statistic for over 10 years. A work dedicated to bringing friendship, unity, joy and faith to those who need it most.

With monthly activities aimed at developing social skills, friendships, a better mental health and faith in God to keep moving forward in life. This project has been able to reach many who have been suffering and our goal to save souls will continue until the end.

Below are the highlights for last Sundays gathering where we had the “Caleb Group National Day” to celebrate our diversity and unity as we are all UNIVERSAL!

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining this Group, visit our nearest Universal Church(UCKG HelpCentre) or call/text: 086 154 5567

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