Master, I Brought You My Son

A parent protects, nurtures, and guides to bring their child up in the right way with the hope that as they grow up they will not depart from those teachings.

The care a parent has towards their child never changes with age nor through the difficulties, they may face.

However, a parent may feel at their wit’s end attempting to help their child as there is only so much they can do. An account from Mark 9:17 left a parent not knowing what to do, but to give their child to the Lord Jesus:

“Master, I brought You my son…” (Mark 9:17), were the words that a concerned father said to the Lord Jesus after having seen his child suffer a number of sicknesses and later be healed through faith (you can read the full text in Mark 9:14-27).

It’s tempting to use your own strength to help your loved loves but when we allow God to intervene He will do what we can’t and we will teach you how.

This Sunday we invite all parents to invite their children (no matter the age) to participate in the Sunday morning service at 10am (also at 8am) where we will present your children and their problems to God in prayer.

Event: Master, I Brought You My Son
Date and Time: Sunday, 16 October at 10am (also at 7.30am)
Location: Taking place at your local Universal Church 

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