Family Fun Day at the Crosscare Hub

UNISOCIAL Helping people in Ireland
On the 8th of July we had the privilege to host a Family Fun Day at the Crosscare Hub and spread the joy, happiness and faith to one more part of our community. 
The Unisocial Group prepared various activities and offered a range of services to those who attend the event. From haircuts, to manicure, to hairstyling, face painting, make up and much more.

The joy could be seen in everyone’s faces as they attended the event. We also offered a word of faith and advice to those who were in need of empowerment. 

We would like to thank CrossCare for allowing us to host this event and meet the wonderful people at the Crosscare Hub. We look forward to one more visit. 
For more information on our Unisocial Project and how we could visit you – Call/Text: 086 154 5567 or email us at –

Event Highlights

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