Caleb Group Park Outing

Caleb Group Ireland
Check out the highlights from our events across the country from last Sunday 30th July. 

In some places where the weather was favourable we gathered for some physical exercise, which is extremely helpful for mental and physical development and wellbeing. We had a group at the Phoenix Park in Dublin and at Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork City. 

The other activities involved a visit to the Coole Park Museum of Wild life exhibition in Gort. Co Galway.

So many members from our Caleb Group were benefited by the these events and YOU also be part of this amazing group. 

What is the CALEB GROUP?

A group designed to help the senior citizens in our community to connect with each other and develop new friendships, skills and faith. The Caleb Group is made up of volunteers who are willing to help the older people in our community. The Group organise monthly support events to offer advice and show the senior citizens in our community that there is support and help available to them . We also organise events to help promote physical and mental health. Regular outings are also part of the project to help people connect and live new memories. 

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