“I said horrible things about God…”

Good morning, Bishop!

My name is Veronica, and I am from Vicente de Carvalho, Guarujá – SP. I have a son who is special, he has autism and is very intelligent. He has been coming to Church with me since he was in my belly, now he is 17 years old, but has always questioned the things of God. He blamed God for everything that happened. He would say, “Look, mom, why doesn’t God help people?”

Last Tuesday, the 26th, in the morning, he got a bit nervous and started questioning the things of God. So I turned on the computer and left him watching the last episode of the Revelation novel while I cleaned up around the house.

Then, I heard crying and went to see what was happening. To my surprise, my son was crying as I’ve never seen him before, and he said, “Mom, I’ve said horrible things about God! I didn’t know how He truly was! Do you think He forgives me?” I said,” Yes, son, He loves you and wants to give you Salvation. All you have to do is ask for forgiveness and surrender to Him.”

Then, Bishop, my son went into the bathroom and, in tears, prayed to God like never before.

Bishop, I don’t know how to explain it, but I think he had an encounter with God, and I know that today there was Salvation in this house. I can already see the change in him.


Bishop Edir Macedo
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2 thoughts on ““I said horrible things about God…””

  1. Iam a married woman .I started going to church in 1995.I hired a helper (house servant)n 2016 and I suspected that she was a witch.One day when I was washing my body,I found a star in my spinal cord and I removed it.Later in the church our pastor said there is someone with a snake and later I felt something moving in my stomach.Bishop this is a horible experience,I couldn’t sleep,I googled on my phone how to remove a snake..I went to a gynaecologist and said he saw nothing.I have bad dreams and sometime I could feel that the snake slept with me while I was asleep.Bishop I know that this is punishment of being against sacrifise & rebelious behavior during sacrifice.The snake cannot do anything to me because of strong prayers I got from Church and praying at home,reading the bible..Sometime I have communion with God.But how can this snake be removed from my body.

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