New Year New Goals

The New Year brings with it new hope and the motivation to achieve new goals. However, setting goals can be tricky; they require perseverance, consistency and accountability. Sometimes it seems easier to give up, than it does to work hard to achieve what you set out to achieve. But it’s always important to ensure that you’re not walking away from the great things you could be achieving.

Whether your goal is to find love, unite your family, or to strengthen your relationship with God, you must set out a plan and work towards it. Make a productive step by step list and organise how you’ll work on each step. Don’t just set your intention and then hope for the best. Be an active member in your own life, make things happen!

Now, what if you could also have God be a part of the process? What if by making a chain of prayer you could strengthen your chances of achieving success and reaching your goals? Why not work on your ambitions in the New Year, with God at the centre of it all.

The New Year is like a blank canvas and gives you the opportunity to start afresh. Imagine having God’s wisdom, guidance and strength accompany you in whatever you set out to do, whether it’s your love life, family, financial life or above all your spiritual life.

Start setting your New Year goals, ambitions and targets and allow God to guide you. He is the One that can help and lead you to your goals in the most effective way possible.

“Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3)

Start a chain of prayer at your local Universal Church and do everything in your power to achieve the things you set out to achieve, with God by your side. Check out our timetable and find the services and meetings most suited to your goals.

 You can also call our 24-hour helpline or WhatsApp us for more information on 086 154 5567.

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