Deceiving Spirits

Churches are filled with them, this is why there are so many scandals and bad testimonies among ‘Christians.’ Deceiving spirits are behind gossip, conflict, rebellion, and hidden sin. They are constantly up to no good. And those who are not born of God, end up being used by them. The urgent need to be born …

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Chosen by the Altar

Many are called to the Altar, but few are chosen to go to the Altar. Characteristics the chosen are faith, conviction, certainty… And the One who operates the faith within the chosen is the Spirit of Faith, the Same Spirit of the Altar. From then on, dreams and projects spring from his innermost being. Whoever …

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The list of the chosen

I remember when I took my college admission test. I prepared for this test during an entire year. I was tense. I bit my nails and cuticles down to the skin, because of the fear of wasting my time and money. The following week, the results were published in the newspaper. I took the exam, …

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