Action or Prayer?

Recognizing when is the right moment to pray or take action is fundamental in conquering the benefits of faith. Often, we turn to prayer when we should be taking action. Others times, we act when we should be praying. For this reason, opportunities are lost, and defeats are obtained. The example of Moses serves as […]

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Our daily burdens

  However heavy our daily burden may be, it is still light when we take the yoke of the Lord Jesus. When a person complains about the burden of the cross, the burden of the Christian cause or his yoke, you can be absolutely sure that this has nothing to do with the yoke of

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Merits of Faith

Now the just shall live by faith; but if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. Hebrews 10.38 To exercise Faith requires courage. Courage to sacrifice self-will in exchange for God’s will; Courage to sacrifice obedience to the Word of God in exchange for His Promises; Courage to sacrifice the body in

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THERE IS NOTHING EASIER THAN GIVING IN TO BAD THOUGHTS OR THOUGHTS OF DEFEAT. BUT WHY? HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS? Why is it easier to speak bad than good? Why is it easier to destroy than to build? Why is it easier to criticize than to motivate? Why is it easier to say

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Overcome bad thoughts

Salvation is not easy. To maintain Salvation, the person must be conscious that he has been saved, he is saved and he will be saved – if he remains faithful to the end. To do so, we must overcome bad thoughts. When the Lord Jesus speaks about the narrow gate and difficult way, we don’t

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False faith and love

Faith and love seem to be the most used words in the world. However, few people have lived their reality. The lack of discernment has led many to suffer and even lose their lives because of them. When speaking of faith, the human mind automatically associates it with religion. This is natural faith, indifferent and

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