The awakening of faith



Every living being, however strong or intelligent, is incapable of doing anything while they are asleep. In the same way, no machine, however powerful, can operate when it is turned off.

When living beings and machines are in a state of rest, it means their functions cannot be exercised at that moment, however natural or simple they may be. Inactivity or lack of energy leaves them fragile, vulnerable, inoperative and useless.

The same is true with faith. It has no value and makes no difference whether it exists or doesn’t exist. What do you gain from a power that is not being used? Or something that does not do what it should? What good is having something, when nothing is being done with what you have?

To encourage us to exercise faith – knowing that by exercising it, we will achieve everything we want and need – God left in His Word the necessary directions to awaken it. He left His direction in the form of commandments, advice, exhortations, and promises; the tools, such as prayer, fasts, tithes, offerings, and vows; and the examples, the deeds of the heroes of faith and their accomplishments. All this is capable of shaking our faith, because it requires us to act and instigates us to do something about what has been proposed and taught.

Faith must be awakened so that it can accomplish what it was created to accomplish, just like living beings need to be awake to fulfill their potential, and machines need to be connected to work. It is not with words or with the conscience of what should be done that we put faith to work, but through actions. When you do not take action, your faith is asleep, and it is useless, because it will not bring you any benefits. The biggest characteristic of dormancy is inaction, and the biggest sign that something is awake is action.

Maybe you’ve been complaining to God that He has not given you this or that, when He has already given you everything you need to obtain what you want – and this condition is found in your faith. The question isn’t what hasn’t God given you, the question is what have you failed to do with what He has already given you. What have you done with your faith? Faith is a gift from God to each one of us, but we must choose whether to make good use of this gift or leave it to the side collecting dust.

As long as your faith is asleep, your victory will also be in a deep sleep. However, the awakening of faith is the awakening of the life you want to live.


Bishop Edir Macedo
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