The power of choice

The power of choice is mine; its consequences cannot belong to others.

It is not fair to make bad choices and blame others for bad consequences.

God gave us the power to choose good or evil, to obey or disobey.

No one is perfect, but the obedient pursue perfection. These are the people the Spirit of God seeks to serve Him.

Integrity and righteousness, fear of God, and fleeing from sin have been virtues found in the character of those who exude the good perfume of the Lord Jesus.

1 – Integrity and righteousness: has to do with the way they treat others. It’s not just about being honest, but also not wanting for others what you do not want for yourself. (Matthew 19.19)

2 – Fear of God:it is about faithfulness to God. (Malachi 3.8)

3 – Fleeing from evil:escape from all forms of sin or unrighteousness. (Job 1.1)

What is the use of doing the Work of God, and having a bad character? Before God, bad character is like bad breath. Unbearable.

If the Work of God consists of destroying the work of the devil, how can you destroy the works of the devil when you’re living in partnership with him?

It is better to be or exhale the good perfume of the Lord Jesus Christ than to make the perfume.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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