Trumpets of evil

We have achieved many victories, but none of them were preceded by joy. Instead, like a woman feels pain before giving birth, the same happens with us.

And more: the greater and more expressive the conquest, the greater and more disturbing the noise of the trumpets of evil.

The deafening sound of infernal threats occurs explicitly to cool down the conviction of victory, and consequently try to neutralize the faith of success.

Satan knows there is no way to prevent the fulfillment of the Promises. With the Author’s permission, He may even delay them. I don’t know exactly why this happens but it may be because everything happens in God’s appointed time, the lack of confidence or the person’s lack of perseverance. What I do know is: the raging roars of hell always precede conquests of faith.

It is evident that the noise itself has no effect. Except when you pay attention to it and allow fear to move in.

Fear breeds doubt, and doubt neutralizes the power of faith. This has been one of the tactics of hell to delay or try to prevent the fulfillment of the Promise.

One must be vigilant and attentive to the noises, threats or any demonic signal so that we may react in a positive way. This is, instead of mourning, complaining or confessing any word of doubt, continue to give thanks to God because victory is near.


Bishop Edir Macedo
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