A Series of Utmost Importance

People are constantly in pursuit of something. They are relentless and hungry, desperate to achieve and conquer. It’s in their nature; they are never satisfied. However, this lack of satisfaction only leads to frustration.

The problem is that people are on the hunt for many things, but they are neglecting to seek the most important thing of all – the Holy Spirit. And because they are absent of this Asset, their search to fill the emptiness is only in vain.

From Wednesday 2 December, we will start a new series that is paramount: The Holy Spirit. If you recognise that you are lacking this permanent fulfilment, then do not miss the Faith School meetings.

You will now be able to join us in the church, as communal services have now resumed in accordance with the government guidelines. Do not forget to wear your face covering, use hand sanitiser at the entrance and follow all social distancing guidelines.

Aim to attend the evening meeting at 7.30pm and bring your Bible with you. Come thirsty for God and your thirst will be quenched.

For more information, call or send a WhatsApp message to our helpline number 0861545567


Meeting: The Holy Spirit Series at Faith School
Day and Time: Every Wednesday at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm)
LocationYour local UCKG branch

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