What is the Fast of Daniel?

Use this time to detox your mind and feed your spirit.

Studies have proven the influence that the media, as a whole, has on people. The Internet in particular encourages behaviours and habits through social networks.

Undoubtedly, the Internet has brought countless benefits to people. However, its misuse (and overuse) has led to many physical, psychological and even relationship problems.

Some experts believe that the excessive use of technology makes people more stressed, impulsive and forgetful.

In other words, there is no doubt that we are all easily influenced by the content we consume, whether that is through the Internet or other means, such as newspapers, magazines and television with its adverts, films, dramas, and more.

That’s why it is important to be selective with the content we consume, as it can contaminate our minds and take our focus off of what really matters.

With this in mind, Bishop Edir Macedo has announced that the Fast of Daniel will take place during the final days of 2020 from 11th-31st December, concluding at the New Year’s Eve Night Vigil. The aim of the Fast of Daniel is to detox our minds so that we can connect with God.

What is the Fast of Daniel?

The Fast of Daniel is based on an event described in chapter 10 of the book of Daniel, where for 21 days, Daniel decided to fast to find favour, wisdom and understanding from God.

“During these 21 days, we isolate ourselves, avoiding any secular information, sports, fun, and entertainment; that is, anything that will take our focus away from God. It is hard because people normally want to be well-informed. But during these 21 days, they will distance themselves from the information of this world, and only be informed about the things that happen in the Kingdom of God,” Bishop Macedo explains.

Nowadays, amongst the list of things that get in the way of our relationship with God, distractions are ever-present, and they come in all forms of entertainment and secular information that constantly bombard us. The Lord Jesus said: “He who has ears to hear, let him hear!” (Matthew 13:9). That’s exactly what the Fast of Daniel is for – to open our ears to the voice of God.

10 Benefits of the Fast of Daniel:

1) It helps you to sleep more peacefully.
2) It reduces anxiety.
3) It helps you to be more intimate with God.
4) It increases your faith.
5) It brings you inner peace.
6) It improves your ability to focus.
7) It expands your spiritual vision.
8) It broadens your understanding.
9) It helps you to fight your fears and worries.
10) It helps you to receive the Holy Spirit.

What Should I Do?

During this time, you should meditate on the Word of God daily and access content that will benefit your faith.

Take this opportunity to delve into the things that edify your soul, without the world’s distractions. You can watch exclusive content on Univer Video, a platform that features Christian videos, animations, films, documentaries, and live meetings from the Temple of Solomon.

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