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5 Wednesdays to Purify my Faith

Two people go through the same traumatic experience: the loss of a family member; a tragedy; being diagnosed with an incurable disease; Being fired after long years of work. The first person is radically transformed and changes their story to one of success. The other falls into depression and starts obsessively questioning why it happened, and …

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7 Fridays of Revelation

…Have you ever asked yourself this question? Do you sometimes seems to be ing—same job, same frustrating love life, same pains that go but always come back; same anxieties and worries, same everything! The funny thing is, when someone asks, “How is everything?” you smile that Oscar-winning-performance smile and say, “Everything’s good!” Why? And what …

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A little help to boost your faith

It doesn’t hurt to have a little faith, to believe that it can provoke the unimaginable and lead you to live a happier life? Sometimes, that happiness could be in the form of you overcoming stumbling blocks and establishing your business, finally saying ‘I do’, going home to a peaceful family life or, winning a …

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