Friday, 20/7/2018 UTC+1
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
  • Humbled for glory
    Humbled for glory

    A sick person is humbled because of his illness; A person whose finances are in ruins is humbled because of his condition; Parents are humbled by the misconduct of their children; Children are humbled by the misconduct of their parents… While pride promotes dishonor, humbleness precedes honor. But even so, pride does not go out…

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  • Purgatory

    People have children without the slightest idea of where their souls will ultimately end up. Earth is the Place of Decision between eternal life and eternal death. Here people decide to follow the path of righteousness or unrighteousness, holiness or sin. The chances of getting to the Place of Righteousness are small. …because narrow is the gate…

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  • When

    When weariness comes and discouragement tries to get a hold of faith; When the pain of the soul is unbearable because of a love not correspondent; When the words of persistence increase loneliness,and brings thedread of being alone; When doubt brings death threats and fear insists on staying; When worries prevent sleep; When friends fail…

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  • Forgetfulness, the disease of all time
    Forgetfulness, the disease of all time

    What difference does it make for the Almighty to cure someone with AIDS or an uncomplicated fever? Answer: None whatsoever! This proves that the problem of those who are sick and disappointed by medicine is not the disease itself. So what is the problem? Forgetfulness, lack of memory! The Sacred Text says: Jesus said, “Take…

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  • Without salt, without flavor
    Without salt, without flavor

    “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. Matthew 5.13 This word is very strong! The word tasteless means: lacking flavor, bland. In a person’s spiritual life, as long…

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  • Followers

    Three consecutive times, the Lord commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous. Joshua 1 God does not partner with the weak and cowardly. The conquest of the Promised Land required firmness of character and determination. And isn’t it the same when it comes to taking possession of the Kingdom of Heaven? Jesus teaches that the…

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  • The Altar is greater
    The Altar is greater

    The Altar is a place for: – Surrender – Sacrifice – Alliances – Truth – Sincerity   It is the place where we place ourselves in the dependence of God; It is the place where we place God above everything else; It is the place of the chosen few; It is the place for those…

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  • The Altar called me
    The Altar called me

    What would have been of Abraham without the Altar? He became the greatest reference of faith because when the altar called him, he responded: HERE I AM! Mount Moriah called Abraham. Mount Sinai called Moses. Mount Carmel called Elijah. The Altar also called Gideon. The Lord Jesus, who represents the Altar, calls those who are…

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  • No way, heart!
    No way, heart!

    The Bible has forty writers; among them are kings, princes, poets, philosophers, prophets, diplomat, a physician, a tax collector, and a lawyer. From various social classes, some were educated in all the studies of the time, while others were fishermen without any education. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Only a few texts were…

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  • Without form and void
    Without form and void

    The Word needs attentive ears, attentive and willing to listen to it. When there are ears to listen and obey, the Word of God does not return void of works. The bible clearly shows that the rain only waters the earth that receives it. If there is no earth, how will the rain fall upon…

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