Is it possible…

To make an omelet without breaking eggs?

Reach the Promised Land without crossing the desert?

Take possession of New Canaan without crossing the Jordan River at flood stage?

To conquer the world without being born of the Holy Spirit? I John 5.4

To be dressed in white clothes and by no means have his name erased from the Book of Life without persevering to the end separated from sin? Revelation 3.5

Take possession of the Kingdom of Heaven without going against the will of the flesh?

To follow the Lord Jesus without denying oneself, taking up the cross and following Him every day? Luke 9.23;

To belong to the Lord Jesus without the seal of His Holy Spirit? Romans 8.9

To be carnally minded and save the soul from hell?

To be spiritually minded and die in sin? Romans 8.6

To be constantly on the fence and achieve the salvation of the soul?

To disobey the Word of God and be blessed?

To reach the Valley of Blessings without crossing the Valley of Decision? 2 Chronicles 20

To conquer the promises by faith without sacrificing?

It is well known that Jesus already sacrificed Himself for our sins. No other sacrifice is necessary to be made for sins. However, you cannot wait around or waste time to conquer His Promises. You must use faith in the Word of God and revolt against the problem.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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