The revolted see no risks

God is looking among Christians for revolted men and women like Joshua and Caleb:

…Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it. […] If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, ‘a land which flows with milk and honey.’ Only do not rebel against the Lord, nor fear the people of the land, for they are our bread; their protection has departed from them, and the Lord is with us. Do not fear them. Numbers 13.30 and 14.8-9

God is looking for those who are revolted like the Levite, whose wife was raped by the men of Gibeah, so he took action:

…No such deed has been done or seen from the day that the children of Israel came up from the land of Egypt until this day… Judges 19.30

Revolt is like fuel for faith and courage. A person that is revolted against something loses his notion of danger, or fear and takes a stand, takes action, goes for the all or nothing, places himself in the complete dependence of God, putting his life, his everything and his will into His hands.

When you have the Holy Spirit, you are of God, so why fear? Why passively accept your current situation? Why accept Scripture solely remain on paper? Why should your life be the same or worse than the life of your neighbors, relatives, friends, who may even mock your God? Revolt against this situation right now! Right there, wherever you are reading this message, do as David did:

How long, O Lord? Will You forget me forever? How long will You hide Your face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? How long will my enemy be exalted over me? Psalms 13.1-2

Do you know until when? Until the moment you stop being lukewarm and become hot; put an end to the doubts and walk by faith; get rid of the robe of religiosity and do what you’ve never done on the Altar. This is the time. This is your turn.

God bless you!

Bishop Edir Macedo
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