The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the most important accomplishment in a Christian’s life. His purpose is unquestionable.

Knowing how vital it is that the third Member of the Holy Trinity is well understood, founder of the Universal Church, Bishop Edir Macedo, has released a new book on the subject of The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

The Son of God was only able to begin His earthly ministry after being sealed with the Holy Spirit. This shows us that the failure of many people reflects the failure to prioritise what really matters: the seal of the Holy Spirit.

Reading this book will be a spiritual watershed, guiding the reader’s mind towards understanding the greatest privilege that a human being can have, which is to receive the Spirit of God.

If you don’t yet know who the Holy Spirit is, what His role is, and what He desires for your life, then this book will help you understand the reasons why He was sent to us.

The book is priced at €10 and can be purchased at your local UCKG HelpCentre

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit is available in English and Portuguese 

Get your copy today! It will be a worthwhile investment.

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