The World Will Burn

The world is in a dire state in every way, and we must be aware of what is currently happening and what is to come. All the signs are visible that the end of times is near, and we must be prepared.

Certain decisions are being made by world leaders that may seem inconsequential, but indirectly declare that Earth is surely becoming uninhabitable. Countless documentaries also display the issues that nature faces, how it is deteriorating, and how all of this affects humanity in the near future.

On Sundays at 6pm, you will understand events and occurrences that have been ongoing and that are to come, as we study the last book in the Bible. The revelation that was disclosed to John was left for servants of God so that they may know the prophecy.

Don’t miss this eye-opening study via our livestream this Sunday.

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Meeting: The World Will Burn
Day and time: Sundays at 6pm (via Facebook and YouTube @Universal Church Ireland channels)
Time: 6pm

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